Saturday Workout Out – Running Shoes

SATURDAY!!! I can’t believe its finally the weekend! And finally, it stopped raining – which means I can get outside! It was so nice after a long week to go for a nice long run.

How are you starting off your weekend?

It’s so funny what I actually will spend money on. I will buy 3 new dresses, wear them once and stick them in the back of my closet, without thinking any thing about it. But when it comes to spending money on something I will use everyday, I hesitate, compare every option, and prolong the purchase… Does anyone else have this problem? Or is it just me?

I recently got new running shoes, that I’m obsessed with! They are the UnderArmour’s SpeedForm Gemini 2 , and they’re freakin’ awesome! Their lightweight, super comfy, and the interior material is made from the same fabric as a sports bra – so it sucks your feet right in. The coolest feature though is that there is a tracker in the sole that syncs with the MayMyRun app. It tracks your time, pace, and even time splits. Like I said I’m obsessed.

Today’s run I started off flying out of the gate, and then gradually got back to normal pace. Like I said I’m no Usain Bolt, I just enjoy starting my day getting my heart pumping and some fresh air. Here’s what I ran today:

IMG_5279 copy

(followed by some serious stretching)

If you are in the Saratoga region and looking for the perfect pair of running shoes, I’d recommend going to IRun LOCAL. They record you running on a treadmill in their store, and fit you to a shoe depending on your running style goals – and that’s where I got them!

Well enough of this … I got to get outside and work on the lawn, it’s a desert land out there – send some green thoughts my way, and cross your fingers it grows!

Keep a look out for my gluten free pizza recipe later today on #foodforthought.



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