FDA Redefining “Healthy”

Yesterday morning, as I was going through my normal routine of straightening my hair and watching the Today show,  I heard something really interesting… One of their top stories was that salmon, avocado and almonds are not considered healthy by the FDA. Not that I really follow the updates by the FDA – instead I read the labels of food, and if I can’t pronounce an ingredient, I put it back on the shelf (that’s my grocery shopping rule)-  but I was still shocked that these weren’t considered “healthy” since my diet consists of all of them.

Salmon, avocado and almonds are considered high in fat, so they don’t meet the “healthy” FDA standards. Instead sugary cereals and Pop-Tarts are considered more healthy. Like what?! Totally the opposite of the definition of clean eating…I mean who doesn’t like a good strawberry frosted Pop-Tart, but I know well enough where those Pop-Tarts are going after I eat them … straight to my handles of love.

What the standards don’t tell you is that these foods do have a bunch of fat, but it the good kind- truly good and healthy – the nutrients and fats found in these foods promote healthy skin, more muscle, easier fat loss, better brain function, stronger bones, better cholesterol, … and the list goes on!

(If you want to learn more about what constitutes as a good fat and what to choose, here is a great article by the Mayo Clinic.) 

During the segment on Today, they mentioned that the FDA now recognizes that their definition of “healthy” (that was created in the 90’s), is now outdated, and they are going to re-define it based on modern understanding and current science. Depending on what their definition ends up being, this change could have a huge impact on how food can be marketed to consumers. (Here’s an article by ThinkProgress.org to further explain the situation)

I’m interested to see what they do deem “healthy”,  and where this story progresses. Either way it doesn’t change how I view food :).



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