How I Detox My Body

The sound of a “cleanse” is always appealing, especially after a long weekend. I’ve tried a bunch of cleanses over the years, from herbal to juices, but the truth is this is not the best way to treat your body.

The juice cleanse, not only is this super expensive, but it’s not as healthy as you might think. Juicing removes some of the fiber and nutrients found in whole fruits and veggies (those in pulp, skin and seeds). Fiber is the essential part of a cleanse, and because there is less fiber in juice, more of the fructose is absorbed by the body. It also leaves you feeling last satisfied, and hungry.

I’ve found a healthier way to “detox” my body, without starving myself, and I wanted to share it with you. This is what I will eat in a day while I’m detoxing:

  • 7:00AM: 8oz glass of warm water with juice from ½ a lemon on an empty stomach (fresh lemon juice helps with digestion, and its seriously a superfood for your body – don’t believe me, Google it!)
  • 7:30AM: For breakfast, I drink my Green Detox Smoothie. This smoothie has a lot of fiber and nutrients that you will need to start your day.
  • 12:00PM: Broccoli and Kale Detox Salad
  • 2:00PM: Banana and Almond Butter
  • 5:00PM: Broccoli and Kale Detox Salad w/ some grilled chicken (just to give my body some protein)
  • Before bed…drink another glass of warm water with lemon.

It’s super important to drink a lot of water during these days too. If you have a 750ml water bottle, try to drink at least 5-6 of them. Water is the fastest way to get things moving in your body.

Good luck with your “cleansing” endeavors! 



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