Traveling and Paleo

Last weekend was our last free weekend of the summer, and it wasn’t even that free! If you live in Upstate New York you know that everyone plans literally everything in the summer, which is only 3 months long, so your schedule gets booked up fast! With that said, the rest of the month of August for us will fly by … some plans with friends, family, and then our honeymoon.  My husband and I got married almost a year ago (geez it’s flying by), but we had to postpone our honeymoon for many reasons. But the time finally came and we are going to Paris and Barcelona at the end of the month! Ahh, we honestly can’t wait!


With all the travel it can be tough to keep a paleo or clean eating state of mind – especially when you have a fresh croissant wafting its magical gluten smell in your face. But have no fear, eating paleo can still be doable! Here are a few tricks you can do to stay on track …

80% Paleo 20% “Treat-Yo-Self”


First of all, if your traveling, cut yourself some slack – I mean come on you’re on vacation! Because paleo isn’t the norm, you probably wont get food that’s 100% perfect, unless your traveling to Whole Foods for every meal. Instead of striving for 100% perfection, give yourself some wiggle room and try for 80%. A poor snack choice here or there won’t kill you – just don’t let it become a habit.




Who doesn’t enjoy a breakfast from a little local diner? If you just said “no”, you’re clearly lying. Throw your favorite veggies and meats into an omelet, or just go for bacon and eggs. If you have pancakes on the side or even toast, just ask for a banana or fruit. If your doing the continental breakfast, just grab some eggs, bacon, and all the fruit.




My husband always laughs at me and says “are you pretending to have a gluten allergy tonight?” – how rude, but seriously this is the easiest way to get a clean meal. There is such a big stereotype at restaurants, if I were to order a cheeseburger with fries, no one bats an eye. If I order a salad with grilled chicken, people ask me if I feel alright. Doesn’t this seem crazy to you?!


So don’t be afraid to go against this awful social norm. Go for options with lots of vegetables and protein, and if you have to make a little white lie who cares, just get the food that you want! Plus, getting that salad will keep you full for hours and won’t leave you a bloated mess!



I always have a bag full of snacks where ever I go, and while I’m abroad I’m hoping to grab these at the local markets. Here are some staples that are always on the road with me:


  • Nuts – almonds, cashews, and more. Just watch how many you consume, the fat content adds up quickly.
  • Granola – homemade grain-free granola, can you really go wrong?
  • Dark Chocolate – 80% cacao or higher or make some delicious treats like salted almond chocolate bites or no-bake brownie bites
  • Vegetables – Avocado, broccoli, carrots, celery sticks, and more. If you want to add a little something extra, grab a packet of Justin’s Almond Butter.
  • Bananas 🙂


If you find yourself asking “is this paleo”, check out this awesome app that can help:


Now get out there and enjoy the remainder of the summer!!


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