Running – Interval Training

Last week it was 85 °F , and the next day it was literally 60°F – it literally changed to fall overnight! Oh how wonderful this time of year is, I much prefer the fall than summer. I pulled out the boots, flannel, heavier blankets, and even the crockpot this weekend. Ugh, it was simply wonderful!

With the low humidity and cooler temperatures, I decided to go for a run this past Saturday. It was a good run (8.5 miles at a 8:30pace), but at mile 5 my upper back and neck began to seize. I got so tense, I had to stop and stretch out multiple times. I’ve been having some upper back problems lately, I think it’s because I don’t regularly do back strengthening – which I definitely should be, plus I sit all day in an office. In college, I tore my right shoulder labrum twice which means I had two surgeries within 2 years. I’m always skeptical and weary about doing anything to damage it again – because let’s face it I would like to hold my children one day, or at least my cat for now.

So I’m always hesitant about doing anything that involves my shoulders or upper back – but this week that’s all going to change. I’m convincing my husband to join me at my 5:00am gym excursions, and help me start lifting to get some strength in my upper back.

But this isn’t wasn’t this post was supposed to be about, so sorry for the long winded whining by me! As my Dad would say “if you leg falls off, keep pushing through!”

Since I work out so early and it’s dark out, I primarily have to do my morning runs in the gym on a treadmill. I get so bored going for long runs, so I always mix it up with some interval running. Not only does it help you pass the time, but it helps you increase your speed for long runs and increases your aerobic capacity. Plus, it speeds up your metabolism, and can help you shed any extra unwanted pounds faster! And honestly, who doesn’t love that!

Because I love long runs, I mainly do interval training for building speed. This one is one of my favorites to do, and it only takes 47(ish) minutes but you do about 6 miles!

Next week I’ll share a sprinting workout, that is more focused on shedding the extra pounds and is quicker!

Building Speed Intervals (5.85 Miles)

Run 3 intervals of 6m each at a pace of 6:55min/mi to work on building speed. The rest between the intervals will ensure you can help keep your speed for each interval.


Warm Up: 11mins at 9:02min/mi

Fast: 3 x 6 mins at 6:55min/mi with 4min recovery at 9:02min/mi

Cool Down: 10min at 9:02min/mi



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