October Birchbox

I was so excited about getting my Birchbox this month – why? Because October’s box was all about “reviving and restoring”, most of them were rejuvenating products that are meant to prepare and refresh your skin for the colder weather. I’ve been dying to try some of these products, especially  Tata Harper (literally would have tried any product they sell).

I recently renewed my yearly subscription, and I did it late in the month – so naturally now my Birchbox comes mid-month. Everyday I refreshed my account to see if it had shipped and finally it came! Alright let’s get down to the samples…

  1. Number 4™ Super Comb Prep & Protect

    My normal hair routine consists of blow drying and straightening/wand curling, so I put my hair through lots of heat. I’m always looking for great products to help protect it and avoid slip ends as much as possible. This is a great product that has a nice light smell, and leaves your hair soft and smooth. It’s also a lightweight formula that doesn’t weigh my fine hair down. Only downfall is the price, it’s a little high for my liking.

  2. Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

    Like I said – I was dying to try this product! Tata Harper is such a cool company – 100% organic, natural, and nontoxic. It’s essentially heaven for anyone who has sensitive skin or allergies to fragrances (cough, cough, me). I have had some bad cases of adult acne lately, which is leading to excess oil and black heads. I’ve literally tried everything, so I was curious to see how this helps. The consistency is jelly-like, and I put it on for 20 minutes. Afterwards, I washed it off and began doing my normal skin routine. As I was putting on my night time moisturizer, I saw a bunch of little spots on my face. Immediately I was like f**k, my face is going to look like I was attacked by bees, but as I wiped off my face with a warm wash cloth I noticed they were black heads. This product literally sucked those black heads out, and removed the excess oil. Afterwards, my skin looked refreshed and plumped. Granted this product is a little expensive ($58), but it’s seriously a miracle worker!

  3. Wilma Schumann Skincare Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads

    Honestly, isn’t it the worst when you wake up and have massive bags under your eyes? Whether its caused from a night out, or a long work week – it’s the worst! Thats where these babies come in! These are great to use if you want to look like you had a full nights rest! They clean up the bags and even hydrate under your eyes.

  4. LOC One & Done Shadow Stick Trio

    I only got one of the shadow sticks (color was “heavy petal”). I’ve never used a shadow stick before, but it’s very easy to use. It goes on smooth and thick, and lasted all day. The color went well with my fair complexion (pale skin, blue eyes, and a blonde hair).

  5. Hustle Butter Luxe

    I’m not sure why I’m putting this at the bottom of the list, because this could be my (second) favorite item I got! This is a high-intense hydrating balm that works wonders! It goes on really thick, like a paste, but your skin glows after using it. I’ve been using it under my eyes – that’s the area that get’s the most dry for me – and it completely changed it! This is going to be a great product to have in my arsenal during the winter!

Don’t have Birchbox? If you want to get next month’s box you can sign up here!!



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