January Birchbox

Can I get an applause for the first Birchbox of the season? January’s theme was all about “new year, new perspective” and making you feel like the greatest version of yourself – which is something I can get behind! I decided to go with the curated box and here are my samples:

Shiseido – Perfect Cleansing Oil

This is a face wash that you can use on wet or dry skin, and is meant to replenish your skin leaving you with a dewy glow. First off, A+ on the packaging – its huge (1.3 FL OZ.)! As I’ve mentioned I have very sensitive skin, but this is one of the best cleansers I have ever used. No matter how red or irritated my skin is, this calms it down. It leaves my face super soft and with an awesome glow. I highly recommend!

Wilma Schumann Skin Care – Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads

I’ve gotten these before as a sample and I love love love them! (It’s one of the reasons I picked this box) I brought these to Europe and used them after our 9hour overnight flight. I put the suckers on as the plane was landing, and I looked totally refreshed as soon as I got off. They are nice and cold when you first put them on, which reduces any puffiness or redness. If your under eye gets dry (like mine), these will also do a great job of moisturizing and reducing dry lines. Truly a magical product!

Eyeko – Skinny Liquid Eyeliner

“Smudge proof and precise” is what it says on the package and I couldn’t agree more. I normally use Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner (and I’m a loyal fan), and I was running out. This came at a perfect time, and I really liked Eyeko. It goes on really smooth and stays on all day.

Chella – Eyebrow Defining Gel

Unfortunately I got my father’s eyebrows and not my mothers, they are unruly and have a mind of their own – sometimes I can’t keep up with them! I put this on my eyebrows after I filled them in with powder, and it kept them in place for most of the day. It goes on really easy, without any clumping, and doesn’t feel heavy.

Klorane – Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

Do any other blondes with fine hair have trouble with dry shampoo?! Some of them (even the most highly recommended) make my hair look like I just walked through rain. I don’t know what it is… so I’m skeptical about these products. I was running late one morning and didn’t have time to wash and dry hair – so I used the product. I applied it according to the directions, and then quickly curled it with a wand. It re-vamped my hair and looked like I just washed it. I was so impressed! Out of all the samples this month this was by far my favorite!



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