Homemade Coconut Dark Chocolate Nonpareils

If you can’t tell by now I have a serious chocolate problem, especially when it comes to dark chocolate. So when it comes to making recipes healthier without comprising, I’m totally about it! I make these delicious treats month, and store them in my fridge – that way I can always indulge a little (without going over board).

These are honestly how I stay sane with paleo. It’s so hard, especially in the winter to stay focused when everywhere you look are your favorite comfort foods packed with sugar, flour and butter. Snacking on these, allow me to think I’m cheating, but really I’m not!

While these dark-chocolate quarter-sized buttons are typically topped with white sugar beads – like the Sno Cap candies I used to eat at the movies – I’ve opted for something more fun and much healthier. I typically top them off with shredded coconut, but I’ve also topped them off with sesame seeds, crushed walnuts and other paleo approved foods!


 Coconut Dark Chocolate Nonpareils

Servings = About 30



Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, and set aside.

Using the double-boiler method, melt the chocolate with the coconut oil in a medium-sized bowl. Stir occasionally until smooth.

Spoon the melted chocolate in  quarter-sized circles on the lined baking sheet. Let cool for 5 minutes, and then top each chocolate with the shredded coconut. Then let them harden in the fridge for 20 minutes. Store covered, ideally in the fridge.



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