Big Announcement!!

Hey guys! I have some big news that I wanted to share with you!

Starting the blog a year ago, I never thought it would have taken off like it did! I started it on a whim one day as a way to share recipes with friends and family. My hubby came home after work last year, and I said “surprise I have a blog” (totally a whim). I honestly never thought I would’ve continued to update it like I have or have gained such a following.

When I made the blog, I just put together a logo quickly, created a domain, and went live. It wasn’t until I started to dive into Instagram, that I realized I wasn’t a huge fan of the name. I didn’t like how @clean_food4thought looked on my profile, and thought I needed to give my blog a face lift!

As of Sunday, “Clean Food for Thought” will become “Not My Father’s Kitchen”. I’m so incredibly excited. I’ve gotten great feedback about it, and I hope that you like it too!

The only things that will change are the logo, url, Instagram name (now @notyourfatherskitchen) and Facebook. All of your favorite recipe links will still work, and will just be re-directed, so if you bookmarked any recipes don’t worry!

This name came about from my Dad as a joke, he’s always saying (complaining) that I should talk about him more on the blog. The name got stuck in my head and I fell in love with it. I think it’s a great fit for my blog since it’s unique and fits my personality much better. The name definitely fits too since my Dad is not making most of these recipes, his diet of mac n’cheese and hotdogs doesn’t really compliment mine ;).

I also wanted to change the name to give me a more unique vibe. I started this blog out writing about strict paleo dieting, and it has morphed into something much more. My recipes are still for paleo and clean eating lifestyles, but I’m more about adding healthy habits into your life, changing it one ingredient at a time.

I hope you like the name change, and please let me know what you think! Thank you guys for all the support, and I can’t wait to share even more delicious recipes and healthy habits on ‘Not My Father’s Kitchen’.


4 thoughts on “Big Announcement!!

  1. hahaha love the new name!
    Way to go girl, you know i always love a good paleo recipe! you’ve even inspired me to get my own site together ❀

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