Hello!! I’m Carey and I think about food all the time – probably boarder lining on obsession.

Any who… I write to you from Saratoga Springs, NY. I don’t ride horses or drink from a mineral spring … but I swear I’m a native. During the day I am a marketing analyst/graphic designer, and by night I am a blogger.

I eat paleo – well try to anyways. I LOVE dark chocolate and I can’t resist the occasional NY bagel (I mean who really can?).

I don’t have a gluten allergy, but I am lactose intolerant. However, that’s never stopped me from having a piece or two of gouda cheese… but it wasn’t until I went to college that I realized I had a food allergy, and it took me until 2 years ago to really narrow down what it was. I always felt that my body was bloated and constantly uncomfortable after a meal, but I thought that’s how “normal” felt.

When I first was introduced to paleo, the thought of giving up bagels, ice cream, and all my other favorite foods was insane to me. I thought it was impossible, but my husband challenged me to do Whole 30 with him and my competitive nature took over and I accepted the challenge. After eating completely clean for 30 days, I couldn’t believe how my body changed – I felt lighter than I ever could imagine, my skin cleared up, energy levels rose, and I slept much better. From the Whole 30, my version of a Paleo lifestyle emerged.

My version of Paleo isn’t the norm… it’s not strict. Someone once said to me “if you get hit by a bus tomorrow your going to be happy you ate that piece of cake”, a little grim I know but it stuck with me. I don’t believe in depriving your body from cravings, I believe in treating your self and moderation. 90% Clean 10% treat-yo-self is the way I like to balance my life. During the week and weekends I eat very clean, with the exception of maybe a few margaritas or some gluten free snacks once in a while.

Growing up I was a very active kid, always participating in sports year round and constantly running around outside – and it’s still true to this day!  I love to workout and I LOVE to run – however, I’m no Usain Bolt and I’ve never been on a running team. I just find it super relaxing and a great way to challenge yourself.

I don’t do cross-fit classes – I feel like it’s a cardinal sin, typically paleo and cross-fit go hand in hand. Nothing against them, I just could never get into them. Instead our local cross-fit gym offers classes called “Starting Strength”, it focuses on properly doing weight lifting exercises and increasing your strength. I’m not looking to look like Hanz or Franz, just want to keep being healthy and strong – lean and fit.

Paring paleo with my workouts has changed my life, I’ve never felt better in (both inside and out). Paleo isn’t just about the foods you eat, its about how it makes you feel!

For 4 years now, I’ve been researching and experimenting different paleo recipes that don’t suck, and I can trick people into eating because they are so tasty!  I was a great student in school, but for some reason in the kitchen I can’t follow a recipe. I always have the tendency of making my own rules for them, and getting a little creative (I think that’s where my day job comes in).

All I really want out of this blog is to inspire some people on different healthy habits, make people laugh, and even hold myself accountable on my health decisions.

I hope you enjoy my posts! Now… let’s get cookin’!

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