Weekly Work Outs 6/20 – 6/25

Anyways, next month is finally our yearly beach vacation, and I can’t wait! But it also means I will be getting really strict with food and workouts for the next couple weeks. So after this weekend, I’m battening down the hatches and getting to work. Got to make sure I’m beach ready!


FitList – Workout Tracker App

FitList makes it easy to add, track and complete exercises all at on your phone, or even iWatch. Not only does it have already programmed exercises in the app, but you can create custom ones. If you have certain routines you do on a normal day, like me, you can also save them so you don’t have to keep re-entering them.

Weekly Workouts 6/12-6/18

Typically, I love the feeling of sore muscles, it makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something, but the thought of wearing heels and dancing today for the wedding is making me cringe. Last Saturday it poured all day, and I was dying to get out for a long run, so I postponed it until Sunday...

Weekly Workouts 6/6-6/11

From my post last week, about hitting the weight-loss plateau, I decided to try a different work out. Instead of substituting my morning routine I decided to join a friend at our local Hot Yoga spot for some much needed bursts of cardio and stretching...

How I Detox My Body

The sound of a “cleanse” is always appealing, especially after a long weekend. I’ve tried a bunch of cleanses over the years, from herbal to juices, but the truth is this is not the best way to treat your body. The juice cleanse, not only is this super expensive, but it’s not as healthy as … Continue reading How I Detox My Body

Weekly Workouts 5/30-6/4

First Saturday in June, and what do we have in store? Yep, our first party at our house. We’re so excited! It’s going to be a crazy morning here, full lots of unfinished chores, party set up, and last minute errands. That’s why I figured I had to get a run in early, plus I’ll … Continue reading Weekly Workouts 5/30-6/4

Managing My Weight-Loss Plateau

Well it's happened, I've hit the weight-loss plateau. If you do not experience a weight loss plateau as you approach your ideal body weight,consider yourself very, very lucky. Last year I worked my butt off (literally) to get in great shape for our wedding - because let's face it these pictures will last forever and I want … Continue reading Managing My Weight-Loss Plateau

In Case You’ve Missed It

With the holiday weekend in full swing, I'm sure last week has been busy for you. I know work for me has been crazy, so I wanted to make it easy for anyone who missed a recipe or blog post over the last 2 weeks to see what's been going on in my blog. Tomorrow … Continue reading In Case You’ve Missed It

Weekly Workouts 5/21-5/28

It feels like summer, and I can't believe it. Upstate NY completely skipped spring, and its 95 degrees F today, like what???? So obviously I'm taking the weather, and getting outside today. Went for a nice long 8 mile run, and now I have a full day of picking weeds and doing some yard work... … Continue reading Weekly Workouts 5/21-5/28

Paleo Grab-and-Go Snacks & Treats

One of the hardest things about converting to the paleo lifestyle, at least in my book, is snacking. When I’m rushing around my house in the morning, finding time to prepare a healthy breakfast and lunch is hard enough – so it’s doubtful I’ll waste any time making snacks for work.