Welcome to Food-for-Thought!! My name is Carey and I write to you from Saratoga Springs, NY. I eat Paleo, well try to anyways. I love dark chocolate, and I can’t resist a good cocktail with friends. My version of Paleo isn’t the norm, it’s not strict. I believe in the “treat-yo-self” mantra, so my diet consists of 90% clean eating and 10% treats. I technically don’t have a gluten allergy, but I do have a dairy allergy – but my foods is typically diary and gluten free.

I’m super active, and I love to workout and  run – however, I’m no Usain Bolt and I’ve never been on a running team. I just find working out super relaxing and a great way to challenge yourself.

Pairing paleo with my workouts has changed my life, and I’ve never felt better inside or out. Paleo isn’t about the foods you eat, its about a healthy balanced lifestyle. For 2 years now, I’ve been searching and creating my own paleo recipes that are delicious and tasty. I was encouraged by a few friends to share my recipes and healthy habits, so here it is! I hope to not only inspire a few people with this blog, but also hold myself accountable on my habits.

I hope you enjoy the posts and the recipes, please feel free to leave me comments!!

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