Weekly Workouts 6/12-6/18

Typically, I love the feeling of sore muscles, it makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something, but the thought of wearing heels and dancing today for the wedding is making me cringe. Last Saturday it poured all day, and I was dying to get out for a long run, so I postponed it until Sunday...


June Birchbox

Anyways, let’s see what they had in store for me this month! Let’s talk about The Beauty Crop PB&J Smoothie Stick. First off the sample size is bigger than my index finger, its huge! It’s more of a pink-mauve color, and it has a creamy smooth texture. Definitely going to be purchasing this!

Managing My Weight-Loss Plateau

Well it's happened, I've hit the weight-loss plateau. If you do not experience a weight loss plateau as you approach your ideal body weight,consider yourself very, very lucky. Last year I worked my butt off (literally) to get in great shape for our wedding - because let's face it these pictures will last forever and I want … Continue reading Managing My Weight-Loss Plateau

Paleo Sweet & Salty Granola

  With the nice weather we are suddenly having, all I can think about is how much I want to hike. Last year my husband and I decided that we were going to set a goal to hike the 46 High Peaks in the Adirondacks. I’ve already hiked 5 of them (Cascade, Porter, Giant, Big … Continue reading Paleo Sweet & Salty Granola

Paleo Grab-and-Go Snacks & Treats

One of the hardest things about converting to the paleo lifestyle, at least in my book, is snacking. When I’m rushing around my house in the morning, finding time to prepare a healthy breakfast and lunch is hard enough – so it’s doubtful I’ll waste any time making snacks for work.

Weekly Workouts 5/16-5/21

Here’s what my work out’s looked like for this week, if you need any explanations or have any exercises that I might like let me know! I’m always looking for new lifts!

Staying Healthy at Work

Since I’m in the marketing field, I know well enough that I will be sitting at a desk for the rest of my career – unless something completely dramatic and unpredictable happens. I had to figure out a few ways to get through the long work days and . . .

Alcohol, Paleo, and Charcoal

Is alcohol paleo? That is the question… Ehh not really, alcohol happens to be a processed food and a toxin for your body. But when it’s bachelorette weekend for one of your amazing girlfriends… that care goes out the window. But a fun weekend with your girls filled with pizza, booze, and shenanigans can leave … Continue reading Alcohol, Paleo, and Charcoal

FDA Redefining “Healthy”

Yesterday morning, as I was going through my normal routine of straightening my hair and watching the Today show,  I heard something really interesting... One of their top stories was that salmon, avocado and almonds are not considered healthy by the FDA. Not that I really follow the updates by the FDA - instead I read … Continue reading FDA Redefining “Healthy”

May Birchbox

Instead of the normal recipe post today, I wanted to mix it up and tell you something that I’m really excited about! For my birthday, my best friend gifted me with a subscription to Birchbox. And now during the first week of each month, I race home to check my mailbox to see when the … Continue reading May Birchbox