Cinco de Mayo Recipes

It’s one of my favorite days of the year – a day where you can drink margaritas and eat tacos all day…tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo! Are you planning on celebrating? You know I will be, and I'm even celebrating it tonight! I'm making the paleo chicken enchilada recipe I posted on Tuesday, it's truly … Continue reading Cinco de Mayo Recipes


Top 10 Paleo Recipes

These are the top 10 paleo and gluten free recipes from the Clean Food for Thought blog.

In Case You’ve Missed It

With the holiday weekend in full swing, I'm sure last week has been busy for you. I know work for me has been crazy, so I wanted to make it easy for anyone who missed a recipe or blog post over the last 2 weeks to see what's been going on in my blog. Tomorrow … Continue reading In Case You’ve Missed It