Matcha Green Tea Energy Bites (Paleo)

These paleo and gluten free matcha green tea bites are easy to make and the perfect pick me up!


Homemade Coconut Dark Chocolate Nonpareils

While these dark-chocolate quarter-sized buttons are typically topped with white sugar beads - like the Sno Cap candies I used to eat at the movies - I've opted for something more fun and much healthier. I typically top them off with shredded coconut, but I've also topped them off with sesame seeds, crushed walnuts and other paleo approved foods!

Simple Mills Pancake & Waffle Mix + Simple Mills Harvest Cheddar Crackers

Simple Mills Pancake and Waffle Mix only has 7 ingredients, and is completely paleo and gluten free!

Bacon-Wrapped Brussel Sprouts

The saltiness of the bacon paired with the bitterness of brussel sprouts, makes this a tasty and easy appetizer or snack! Completely paleo, gluten free, grain free, and whole 30!

Traveling and Paleo

With all the travel it can be tough to keep a paleo or clean eating state of mind. But have no fear, eating paleo can still be doable! Here are a few tricks you can do to stay on track …

Salted Almond Butter Chocolate Bites

Made with only 3 ingredients (not including the sea salt), this easy to make dessert is gluten free, grain free, paleo friendly, vegetarian, vegan and contains no added sugar.

Gluten Free Banana Oat Breakfast Balls

This recipe is worth it alone for the smell that it creates in the oven, your kitchen will smell heavenly!

No-Bake Paleo Brownie Bites

These No Bake Brownie Bites are made with only 6 ingredients – vegan, gluten free, dairy free, paleo – and a perfect snack or breakfast to take on the go!

Roasted Cauliflower Hummus

Chickpeas aren't paleo, which means hummus isn't either. One of my favorite snacks is to have some hummus and carrots, its so easy to grab in the morning and fills me right up. So when I heard that hummus would have to be given up, I put my foot down and was determined to find a substitute for it. Luckily I did!

Corn & Avocado Salsa

Every time we make this recipe, it gets gobbled up so quickly! I know, I know its not strict paleo, because of the black beans but it is gluten free! And hey, if you want to be strict just don't add them!