Weekly Workouts 7/12-7/15

This past week I went extra hard, sprinting and running fast in the gym, and also upping my weights – because this week I’m gym-less. I’ll be going for morning beach runs to keep my body active, and maybe even squeeze in some water sports. Either way I need to counter-act the hell I’m about to put in my body – alcohol and food.


Weekly Work Outs 6/20 – 6/25

Anyways, next month is finally our yearly beach vacation, and I can’t wait! But it also means I will be getting really strict with food and workouts for the next couple weeks. So after this weekend, I’m battening down the hatches and getting to work. Got to make sure I’m beach ready!

Weekly Workouts 5/21-5/28

It feels like summer, and I can't believe it. Upstate NY completely skipped spring, and its 95 degrees F today, like what???? So obviously I'm taking the weather, and getting outside today. Went for a nice long 8 mile run, and now I have a full day of picking weeds and doing some yard work... … Continue reading Weekly Workouts 5/21-5/28

Weekly Workouts 5/16-5/21

Here’s what my work out’s looked like for this week, if you need any explanations or have any exercises that I might like let me know! I’m always looking for new lifts!