Weekly Workouts 7/25-7/30

I went to my first barre class yesterday. My boss asked me if I wanted to try it with her at lunch, and of course I said yes. I’ve never done a barre class, so I was a little nervous about trying something new, and since I worked out earlier that morning. Anyways, I tried it and loved it! The teacher was great, and I’ll definitely be doing it again. I can’t wait to see how introducing a new workout will change my body – hopefully for the better!


Weekly Workouts 7/12-7/15

This past week I went extra hard, sprinting and running fast in the gym, and also upping my weights – because this week I’m gym-less. I’ll be going for morning beach runs to keep my body active, and maybe even squeeze in some water sports. Either way I need to counter-act the hell I’m about to put in my body – alcohol and food.

Weekly Workouts 7/4-7/10

The hike on Monday really shook up my normal routine. My legs were like jello after it, and I decided to take it easy on my legs this week – and really focus on my core and abs. Plus I still ran. Actually, my Saturday run was awesome! I woke up to it pouring rain, so running outside wasn’t an option. I looked up some speed training intervals on Map My Run, and headed over to the gym and hopped on a treadmill. I hit 7 miles in 55:25 and I was pouring sweat. (I laid out the training run below)

Weekly Workouts 6/27-7/3

Anyways, in 2 weeks I’ll be headed to our family beach vacation, so this week has been a food and drink detox – and a big workout week. Here’s what I did and what I’m going to do this weekend:

FitList – Workout Tracker App

FitList makes it easy to add, track and complete exercises all at on your phone, or even iWatch. Not only does it have already programmed exercises in the app, but you can create custom ones. If you have certain routines you do on a normal day, like me, you can also save them so you don’t have to keep re-entering them.

Weekly Workouts 6/12-6/18

Typically, I love the feeling of sore muscles, it makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something, but the thought of wearing heels and dancing today for the wedding is making me cringe. Last Saturday it poured all day, and I was dying to get out for a long run, so I postponed it until Sunday...

Weekly Workouts 5/30-6/4

First Saturday in June, and what do we have in store? Yep, our first party at our house. We’re so excited! It’s going to be a crazy morning here, full lots of unfinished chores, party set up, and last minute errands. That’s why I figured I had to get a run in early, plus I’ll … Continue reading Weekly Workouts 5/30-6/4

Weekly Workouts 5/21-5/28

It feels like summer, and I can't believe it. Upstate NY completely skipped spring, and its 95 degrees F today, like what???? So obviously I'm taking the weather, and getting outside today. Went for a nice long 8 mile run, and now I have a full day of picking weeds and doing some yard work... … Continue reading Weekly Workouts 5/21-5/28

Weekly Workout 5/2-5/6

I can't believe it’s been raining here for 5 days straight! Good for the grass, but sucky for me! I'm craving to get outside for a run, and tomorrow it said it's supposed to be a"dry" day...according to Al Roker. My fingers are crossed that I can get out a do a long run in the morning … Continue reading Weekly Workout 5/2-5/6